Cyberview 8-port USB KVM


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Model: CV-S801
Ports: 8 Ports
Local Users: 1
IP Web Users: 0
Extended Users: 0 (up to 500ft away)
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The Cyberview CV-S801 USB KVM Switch has a slim 1U form factor to provide effective assistance for administrators to control up to 8 PCs from a single Keyborad, Video and Mouse (KVM) console.
To simplify switching and control, the CV-S801 is equipped with an OSD (On-Screen-Display) menu and ability to switch targets via Hot Key sequences. Up to eight CV-S801s can be cascaded together expanding the systme capacity up to 128 computers providing the maximum flexibility for your application.

CV-S801 Features

  • Multi-platform - Mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBM compatibles, HP, Compaq and Dell.
  • Hot Pluggable - Add PCs or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the USB KVM switch or PCs.
  • No Software is required - Easy PC selection via on screen display manual, push buttons and hot-key.
  • Local console & KVM ports support resolutions up to 1920 x 1200
  • Auto-Scan mode to monitor servers at intervals between 5 to 99 seconds.
  • Password enable & disable, with up to 8 users profiles to control access
  • Cascade for use up to 128 servers.

CyberView CV-S801 Highlights

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Multi-platform support

    Multi-platform support

    The CyberView VGA DB-15 Combo KVM switches support any computer platform with USB, PS/2, or Sun keyboard and mouse interfaces, including all versions of Windows, Mac, Linux & SUN systems.

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  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 multi-user diagram

    Multi-user access & management

    One local user can control 8 multi-platform servers. Expand up to 256 source computers simply by linking VGA DB-15 Combo KVMs.

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Channel selection

    Channel selection options

    The CyberView CV-S801 can be switched using selectable keyboard hotkeys, front-panel push buttons, or with a mouse through an on-screen-display (OSD). These switching options allow you to quickly reassign connected devices to any of the connected computers.

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Hot pluggable, no software or drivers required

    Hot pluggable, no software or drivers required

    Add PCs or remove connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the KVM switch or PCs. CyberView KVMs are designed to be driver & software-free.

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 VGA DB-15 Combo Cascade cable

    Easy Expansion
    (Cascading Units)

    Expand up to 256 source computers simply by linking VGA DB-15 Combo KVM units using CBC-6 cables. The CV-S801 KVM automatically detects up to 8 levels of cascade connections, which can be made up of a mix of CV-S801 / CV-S1601 KVM switches.

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 DC Power

    AC power OR Optional DC power

    CyberView CV-S801 ships with 100-240V AC power. Alternatively, customers can also get 12V / 24V / 48V / 110V / 125V / 250V DC power input, integrated into the KVM.

  • Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Rack Mounted

    1U rack mount OR Integrate into rack drawer

    CyberView CV-S801 KVM switch can be rack mounted into 1U of space (rack brackets included), or it can be purchased integrated into a CyberView Rack Console. Small size also makes the units ideal for mounting behind third-party rack console.

CV-S801 Package Contents

Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Package Contents

  • (1) CV-S801 KVM Switch
  • (1) 1U, 19" Rack mount kit w/ brackets & screws
  • (1) Power adapter w/ US power cord - for KVM
    Note, DC power excludes AC power cord.
  • (1) 2-Year manufacturer warranty
  • *Please note, package contents may change with unit 'options'.

CV-S801 Resources

Austin Hughes CyberView CV-S801 Resources CV-S801 Datasheet (PDF)
CV-S801 Manual (PDF)

CV-S801 Specifications

PC port 8
Console Port -
PC Selection OSD menu, hot key, push button
LED 1 Bank LED, 8Online LED (Green), 8 Selected LED (Red)
On screen display control Yes
Scan Intervals 5~99sec
Keyboard and mouse emulation USB
VGA Resolution (Max.) 4:3 - max. 1600 x 1200, 16:10 - max. 1920 x 1200
Cat5 Length N/A
Bandwidth 200Mhz
Cascade Level 8 levels
PC Connections 120/128
Housing Metal
KVM Switch Power Adapter DC 12V



CV-S801 KVM Hot Key Sequences:

Function Hot Key Sequence
Calling OSD Menu [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Space Bar]
Right Mouse + [Esc]
Previous Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Up]
Next Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Down]
Previous/Next Bank [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] + [PgUp/PgDn]
Switch to Specific Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] + Bank # + Port #
Buzzer On/Off [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [B]
Logout (Password Security Must Be On) [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [P]
Advanced HotKeys (For Supervisor Login Only)
AutoScan Mode [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [S]
Reset Factory Defualts [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [R]
Disable/Enable Password Security [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [U]
Enable/Disable Screen Saving [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [L]
Remote Console HotKeys
Toggle Remote/Local Port [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [C]
Buzzer On/Off [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [Q]
AutoScan Mode [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [S]
Auto Adjust Video Signal [Scr Lock] [Scr Lock] [A]

CV-S801 is also known as:

  • S801
Question: Whether the switch support SNMP and what is the operating temperature range of the switch
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This switch does not support SNMP. The operating range is: 0 to 50°C.

Question: Is there a user manual for this?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The manual for this unit can be downloaded here:

Question: I don't see it mentioned: is it rack-mountable and does it come with rack ears?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This unit is rackmountable and does ship with a mounting kit that includes brackets and screws.