Raritan Dominion KX II Dual USB/DisplayPort CIM


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Video / Interface: DisplayPort
Keyboard & Mouse: USB
Virtual Media & CAC + USB Emulation: Yes
BIOS-Level Virtual Media: Yes
Quantity: 1 Pack
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The Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP is a dual USB, DisplayPort based virtual media CIM for use with certain Raritan KVMs. This CIM is required for virtual media, absolute mouse synchronization, and the advanced KVM features of the Raritan Dominion KX III or the legacy Raritan Dominion KX II. This CIM is recommended for customers with DisplayPort KVM needs, planning to access virtual media drives at the OS/BIOS levels as well as the Smart Card, tiering and audio features.

* Please note: This Digital Computer Interface Module requires Dominion KX II Release 2.5 firmware to operate.

Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Features

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - Control DisplayPort Computer from up to 150ft away via Single CAT5/6 cable

    Up to 150ft via Single CATx Cable

    Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Computer Interface Module (CIM) extends access to your DisplayPort enabled computer over a single CAT5/6 cable; The maximum resolution achievable is:
    • 1920 x 1080 - up to 150 feet (50 meters)
  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP supports High Definition 1080P DisplayPort Video

    Blazing-fast, High Definition DisplayPort Video

    Raritans new enhanced digital D2CIM-DVUSB-DP CIM supports high definition standard DisplayPort video resolutions of up to 1920x1080, including widescreen formats.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - USB Virtual Media with Support for Audio & Smart Card (CAC)

    USB Virtual Media with Support for Audio & Smart Card (CAC)

    Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP supports beaming of USB devices over IP - also known as "Virtual Media". This enables the use of memory sticks, external drives, mice, and web cameras with remote target servers. The included dual USB also supports Smart Card or US Government Common Access Card (CAC) use.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - BIOS-Level USB Virtual Media Support

    BIOS-Level Virtual Media

    The D2CIM-DVUSB-DP has two USB plugs, one for keyboard/mouse and one for virtual media; This enables many additional server BIOS, including ones that require a special 'USB Profile', to access virtual media drives. 

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - Absolute Mouse Synchronization

    Absolute Mouse Synchronization

    The Absolute Mouse Synchronization feature in the D2CIM-DVUSB-DP allows for the use of absolute coordinates that are specified in the USB HID mouse specification instead of using 'mouse acceleration' on the target machine mouse drivers. This ensures the pointers are always synchronized.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - extended profile DDC/E-EDID display emulation

    DDC/E-EDID Display Emulation

    DDC/E-EDID is supported by the digital CIMs with the "preferred timing mode" set by the Dominion KX III administrator. This is the preferred/native/default video resolution, called the "Display Native Resolution" on the KX GUI. The default resolution can be changed by the user on the Port Configuration Page for each port.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - Audio via USB / Digital Audio over IP

    Audio via USB

    Digital Audio over IP is supported using USB Virtual Media on new enhanced Dominion KX III CIMS. USB Audio allows you to interface with audio peripherals such as speakers, microphones, or mixing desks. Note, Audio is not embedded in the DisplayPort signal.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP - Compact 0U palm-sized

    Compact 'Zero-U'

    Raritan CIMs are compact transmitters that fit in your palm, and take 0U of space in rack. These CIMs can simply be zip-tied or hang off the back of racks.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP USB Powered (No external power supplies needed)

    USB Powered

    Raritan CIMs are automatically powered over USB connector by the source computer. This eliminates a need for any separate power supply and makes setup simple. 

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Flash upgradable

    Flash Updatable

    Raritan CIMs can be Flash-upgraded with new firmware - ensuring Raritan CIMs are future proof - and allow you to set custom settings for each CIM level for non-standard operations.

  • Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Plug and Play - No drivers needed

    Plug and Play

    Raritan CIMs are designed for plug and play functionality and do not require any drivers or software to be installed for standard operations.

D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Package Contents

Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP What's Included?

  1. (1) D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Computer Interface Module
  2. (1) 2-Year Limited Warranty Card

D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Resources

Raritan D2CIM-DVUSB-DP CIM (Computer Interface) Manual Thumbnail DKX3 CIM / D2CIM-DVUSB-DP Manual (PDF)
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Question: Why can't I select Canada as a ship to country?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

While we do accept orders from Canada, we do not currently support placing those orders online. Please review our International Order Policy, and then contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative to place the order.

Question: Would you happen to have a Drawing for PN: D2CIM-DVUSB-DP ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. You can find a PDF mechanical drawing here: https://www.42u.com/pdf/MD2CIM-DVUSB-DP.pdf

Question: Hello, How could i have audio with this dongle ? Regards,
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. According to the manufacturer, digital audio is supported over USB, not embedded in the HDMI or DisplayPort signals.

You can read more about the DKX III's audio support in the online help guide: https://help.raritan.com/kx-iii/v3.5.0/en/#31270.htm

Question: Who in the UK Distributes the D2CIM-DVUSB-DP. I am looking for a quote for quantity 4.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

We can sell Raritan equipment to the UK for orders over $1000 where the end user is in the USA and ships it to UK, or where can get the PO from a US based office and the product to the UK with shipping account. For more information on international orders, please refer to our international order policy.

You can also find a list of our international partners here that may be able to help you as well.