iBoot-IO-OFF Dataprobe Single-Outlet, Contact Closure and Logic Level Remote Power Control


Version: iBoot with Dry Contact Closure controlled power
Input / Output Logic: Contact Closed = Off; Contact Open = On
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Leverage your existing GPIO contact closures or logic levels into A/C power control with Dataprobe iBoot-IO-OFF (SKU 1410039). A single outlet power switch with I/O control, iBoot-IO allows you to easily integrate remote power control into your existing management system and manage devices remotely. iBoot-IO is perfect for remote reboot, test automation, environmental control, security access or any remote or automated facilities.

Four models are available to cover any I/O Controlled power application. Select between default power ON typically for remote reboot applications or default power OFF to reverse the logic of the inputs. Models are also available for either wet or dry control inputs. Wet (Logic Level) inputs trigger on +3 to +12 VDC and are suitable for TTL and RS-232 control signals.

iBoot-IO uses industry standard IEC connections and ships complete with input and output cords for North America. It's available in four versions: default power on, standard for remote reboot applications, and default power off, where a closure is required to turn power on. Also select between dry contact closure versions and wet logic level versions

Diagram Shows:

  • UL Listed Power Switch
  • 12 Amps Switching 120 VAC
  • 10 Amps Switching 240 VAC
  • Contact Closure Input
  • Positive Feedback Output
  • Screw Terminal I/O connections
  • Default Power ON Model
  • Default Power OFF Model

Diagramiboot 2diagramiboot

Instant Remote Control

From closing a gate on a ranch, to causing an alarm to sound, to managing a boiler room from another building, iBoot-IO gives you the flexibility to monitor and respond to physical alert conditions from wherever you are. iBoot-IO is easy to install - just attach it to the device you want to control, plug it ino the power outlet and close the control contacts, and you'll gain remote access.

Dataprobe iBoot-IO-OFF Specifications:

Width 3.2 in. (82 mm.)
Height 2  in. (60 mm.)
Depth 4.2  in. (107 mm.)
  105 - 240 VAC Auto Ranging
12 Amps at 105-125 VAC,
10 Amps at 210-240 VAC
Power Inlet: IEC 320 C13 Plug.Linecord for North America Included. 16AWGX3C Power Out: IEC 320 C14 Receptacle. Extension Cord for N. America Included. 16AWGX3C

The Dataprobe iBoot-IO-OFF is also known as Dataprobe 1410039.

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UPC 700220864047
EAN 0700220864047