Dataprobe iBoot-WiFi Remote Power Reboot



Recommended replacement: Dataprobe iBoot-G2 Power Reboot
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The Dataprobe iBoot-WiFi extends Dataprobe's popular remote power switch family with wireless connectivity. Users can now protect critical system from unnecessary downtime without having to pull an additional network cable. Compatible with all browsers as well as through the iBoot Cloud Service for anytime, anywhere reboot of crashed systems.

  • Web Browser Control and Setup
  • iBoot Cloud Service Compatible
  • Micro Access Point
  • WPS Setup
  • UL Listed / FCC 15B / RoHS / WEEE
  • Event Scheduling
  • AutoPing / Heartbeat
  • Management Utility
  • Easy Software Integration
  • Wall / PDU Mounting
  • 12 Amp Switching

Dataprobe iBoot-WiFi Application Diagram

Pays for Itself with the First Service Call Saved

Don't let the cost of downtime keep you from meeting your service and revenue expectations. Keep your critical systems running without expensive service calls. Use low-cost remote power control to automatically reboot failed devices and get up and running in the most cost effective way possible.

iBoot-WiFi will save you time and money by reducing costly downtime. Just point your browser to the iBoot-WiFi, login and you are one click away from bringing that failed system back to life. iBoot-WiFi will even detect failed systems and take immediate action.

Remote Reboot via Web Browser

iBoot-WiFi Web Console Management

iBoot Cloud Service - Power Control Wherever you Are

iBoot Cloud Service (iBCS) allows customers with iBoot-WiFi to access and control multiple iBoots in multiple locations from a single portal with a single sign-on.

iBCS will not only make using iBoots easier, by consolidating all units into one sign-on and interface, it will also enhance the number of situations where iBoot can be deployed.

  • Customers with Dynamic IP addressing to always be able to access their iBoot from any location.
  • Service providers manage multiple customer accounts with diverse security configurations.
  • Customers that are not allow in-bound connections to access their iBoots.

Automatic Downtime Reboot


iBoot-WiFi AutoPing

iBoot-WiFi automatically monitors and protects your network. AutoPing continuously tests your connectivity to the internet or to any device on your network. When the network is down, or the device stops functioning, iBoot-WiFi reboots the failed system to get you back on-line fast.

You have complete control of the AutoPing parameters, setting the frequency of the tests, the number of tests required to take action, and what action is to be taken when the failure is detected. Perfect for:

  • Cable Modems
  • Routers
  • DSL
  • Web Cams

iBoot-WiFi Features

  • Web Browser Power Control: Clean Web page design for immediate status and power control. Auto detects mobile browsers. No special software required.
  • Automatic System Restoral: AutoPing and Heartbeat detect network or equipment outage and takes immediate action to restore your network or device. Real time scheduling to have a fresh reboot each morning or minimize power waste at night.
  • iBoot Cloud Service Compatible: Control all your iBoots from one web portal from any web browser, anytime anywhere.
  • Micro Access Point: Secure local control and configuration.
  • WPS Setup: Easy setup with supported routers.
  • UL Listed / FCC 15B / RoHS / WEEE: We take your safety seriously. Full Compliance for North America.
  • Event Scheduling: Real-time power control.
  • Management Utility: Easy Setup, Firmware upgrades and Reset to Factory Default.
  • Easy Software Integration: Protocol, API and Sample Software and Scripts provided.
  • Wall / PDU Mounting: Compact Form Factor. No Additional Cables for Power
  • 12 Amp Switching: Current for most Servers, Routers, Kiosks, etc. 10 Amps at 220 VAC.

Dataprobe iBoot-WiFi Specifications

Width3.25 in. (8.3 cm.)
Height2.00 in. (5.08 cm.)
Depth4.25 in. (10.8 cm.)
Switching110-240 VAC 12 Amps Max
FeaturesWeb, Telnet, AutoPing = up to 4 IP Addresses
DxP Protocol, Real Time Scheduling, Heartbeat
PhysicalWall and DIN Mountable
Temperature0 to 50 Deg C
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 700220864122
EAN 0700220864122
Question: Can you input a schedule for automatic reboots/resets in this device?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.

There are a number of ways to automate the iBoot-WiFi with schedules for reboot/reset:

*1) The first method is through event scheduling. iBoot-WiFi can schedule up to eight reoccurring power events. Set the starting date and time, plus the action to be taken and any repeat cycle for each. This is the most common type of scheduling.

*2) A second method is through Auto-Ping, where the iBoot-WiFi can automatically detect failed equipment and perform a timed reboot or other power control function (like turning on an indicator or siren). You set 1 or 2 IP addresses to be periodically pinged. When iBoot-WiFi no longer detects a response from the IP address(es), the programmed power control function is actuated.

3) You can also use the Dataprobe Exchange Protocol (DxP). The DxP protocol will allow a developer to turn the power on and off and read outlet statuses via custom applications. More information about the DxP protocol can be found at the Dataprobe iBoot support page.

*Options 1) and 2) above can simply and quickly be configured using the built-in 'Web Browser Power Control' interface - no special software is required. Note, you can also use iBoot-WiFi's Command Line Interface (CLI) which allows direct control and setup through Telnet.

For more information on setting up scheduling, please refer to the iBoot-WiFi Manual. You may also be interested in the iBoot-WiFi Quick Start Guide (quick overview of basic set-up, does not include scheduling).