Adder SmartView XPRO 16-port KVM Switch



Replaced by: Adder AVX4016
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The Adder SmartView XPro SV4X16 is a KVM switch which allows switching for up to 4 users with integrated extenders for local and remote control. Multiple users can simultaneously control banks of computers from local or remote locations. This 16 port switch features 4 x simultaneous local keyboard, mouse and monitor ports and 2 RJ45 extender ports to 16 CPUs. The SV4X16 is engineered for multiple users in server rooms and high density PC environments. The SmartView XPro with integrated extenders is engineered to allow users to control connected computers remotely from a clean environment. Adder's advanced on screen display system offers multiple user support, channel selection and password protection features.

Note: Each of the RJ45 extender ports mirror a local port and requires an optional receiver unit to be purchased, see accessories.

Adder SmartView XPro KVM Switch Diagram
Adder SmartView XPro KVM Switch Diagram

Adder SV4X16 Features:

  • Channel selection via mouse, keyboard, RS232, on screen display or front panel key
  • Flash ensures future-proof upgrade path
  • High video quality with screen resolution up to 1920 x 1440
  • Intelligent cascade enables easy control of 500 computers
  • MP versions support USB console connections
  • Redundant power supply feature
  • Built in KVM over CATx extender transmitters to control switch up to 200m away
  • Optional redundant power supply

Adder SV4X16 Specifications:

Height 3.5 in. (90 mm.)
Width 18.9 in. (482 mm.)
Depth 8 in. (205 mm.)
Power 5V DC, 2A
CPU Connectors  
Video 16 x15 way HD D Female
Keyboard 16 x 6 way mini DIN Female
Mouse 16 x 6 way mini DIN Female
Console connectors  
Keyboards 4 x 6 way mini DIN female
Mouse 4 x 6 way mini DIN female
Monitors 4 x 15 way HD D Female
Remote users 2 x RJ45 port
External PSU 2 x 5V DC 2A power inlets
Flash upgrade, RS232 control, expansion & remote connectivity accessories 1 x D9 way Female
EMC 89/336/EEC CE marked
LVD 73/23/EEC
Question: what is the Part number for the extenders for this product?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The Adder SmartView XPro SV4X16 has integrated transmitters. To utilize the integrated extender ports, you will need either an AdderLink XR or AdderLink Gold XR receiver unit.