Icron Ranger 2244 - 4 Port USB 2.0 Singlemode Fiber Extender (6.2 Mi)


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End-Of-Life (EOL)
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Replaced by: Icron Ranger 2344

Extension via: Single-Mode Fiber (up to 6.2 mi)
Ports: Extend up to 4 USB Devices

The Icron USB Ranger 2244 (00-00264) is a four port USB 2.0 high speed extension solution, enabling USB 2.0 connections at up to 480Mbps over 10km / 6.2 miles of singlemode fiber optics. The Ranger 2244 provides a remote four port USB 2.0 powered hub delivering standard 500mA power and supporting all USB device types, including Isochronous web cams.

The USB Ranger 2244 (00-00264), and the Ranger 2200 family of products are powered by ExtremeUSB, enabled by Icron's LionsGate USB Extension ASIC. ExtremeUSB provides true USB 2.0 extension at up to 480Mbps over a variety of media, without the need of additional software drivers. A true plug-and-play solution, the Ranger 2244 is compatible with all leading operating systems, and supports all USB device types from high-speed web cams, hard drives, printers, scanners, audio devices, touch screens, digital cameras and game controllers.

Ranger 2244 replaces the Ranger 444 fiber optic extender, adding support for USB 1.1 classic hosts and addressing the adverse operating environments ideal for ExtremeUSB¨. The system is FCC Class B certified, meets EN-61000 16kV ESD immunity and is housed in a robust metal enclosure.

Icron USB Ranger 2244 (00-00264) Function Diagram
Icron USB Ranger 2244 (00-00264) Function Diagram

Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2244 Features & Benefits

  • Extends USB 2.0 high-speed and USB 1.1 (low speed, full speed) dvices up to 100m over Cat5 cable.
  • Supports all USB device types: control, interrupt, bulk and isochronous at up to 480Mbps.
  • True plug and play, ready to operate right out of the box. No new driver installation required.
  • Supports all major operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.
  • Integrated hub provides four remote USB 2.0 ports. Number of devices can be increasing using additional USB hubs.
  • Remote unit provides standard 500mA to each USB port.
  • Power adapter at local unit is not required for normal operation.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of USB devices from: printers, scanners, hard drives, and audio devices to touch screens, web cams, and game controllers.

Ranger 2244 (00-00264) Package Contents

Whats Included In the Box? Icron Ranger 2244 (00-00264) Package Contents

  1. (1) Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2244 Transmitter (LEX)
  2. (1) Icron USB 2.0 Ranger 2244 Receiver (REX)
  3. (1) 6ft USB 2.0 Type A to Type B cable
  4. (1) Power Adapter and US-specific Power Cord
  5. (1) Quick Start Guide
  6. (1) 2-Year Standard Warranty
The USB Ranger 2244 (00-00264) replaces the Ranger 444 (00-00218) fiber optic extender.
Question: Is this product compatible with the USB over Network software by Fabulatech? We want to share a remote USB port with another machine. Thank you.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We are not familiar with the USB over Network software by Fabulatech. So, could not comment on compatibility.

However, we can say that this Icron product provides 'transparent to the host computer' USB extension, that does not require any special drivers; so, it should operate much like a standard USB hub in terms of compatibility with the USB over network software.

Icorn adds this additional information regarding compatibility:
'The Ranger 2244 complies with USB1.1 and USB 2.0 specifications governing the design of USB devices. However, Icron Technologies Corporation does not guarantee that all USB devices are compatible with the Ranger 2244, as there are a number of different configurations that may impact the operation of USB devices over extended distances.'