AdderLink IP Gold KVM over IP with DVI-I (VGA w/ Adapter), Audio and USB



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Model: ALIP Gold
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The AdderLink ALIP-Gold offers secure, high performance internet or dial-up access to your computers or servers with DVI (VGA with passive adapter), audio and USB support. The AdderLink IP Gold adds support for digital video, audio-via-IP, USB keyboard and mouse and virtual media support to the AdderLink IP family. Providing remote keyboard, video, mouse, and audio access via IP to your current KVM switch, the AdderLink IP Gold allows management of your computers from anywhere in the world securely and remotely via the Internet, VPN, dial-up link or corporate network.

The AdderLink IP Gold doesn't need any software to be loaded on your servers and is easy to set up and use. The Adder ALIP-Gold uses Real VNC client software that, unlike HTTPS web browsers, is designed for secure, high performance KVM via IP applications.

Adder ALIP-GOLD Application Diagram

  • Auto sensing digital or analogue video interface; Single-link DVI-I video input
  • High performance video - up to 1600 x 1200 (RealVNC) or 1280 x 1024 (HTTPS)
  • USB & PS2 keyboard and mouse connections
  • USB Virtual Media Support
  • Audio-via-IP extension (3.5mm input)
  • Dual power connections - redundant power
  • RS232 serial interface with power control functions supported
  • Feed through port provides local KVM console access
  • Supports exclusive access mode or up to 4 simultaneous users
  • Up to 16 user profiles and access data logging
  • Enterprise grade security (using AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication), with added encryption of RealVNC.
  • Easy on screen display driven set up and configuration
  • Can be used as a KVM front end - compatible with most third party KVM switches
  • Modem port and 10/100 Mb Ethernet port for dialup and/or IP network access
  • One or two units can be rack mounted in 1U of rack space (sold separately - part #'s: RMK-ALIP and RMK-ALIP-DUAL)

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Adder ALIP-GOLD Features

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD - Adder.NET remote web browser access

    Access computer from anywhere in the world (Web browser or RealVNC)

    ALIP-GOLD enables you to remotely access and control your computing hardware remotely using your standard IP network (WAN or LAN) via a web browser. ALIP-GOLD also acts as a RealVNC server with RFP 3.3 support, that can be accessed via Real VNC client software.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Front & Back

    Independent operation (BIOS-level access)

    Unlike software based solutions, the AdderLink ALIP-GOLD gives full control of a computer even during boot up, BIOS level or computer crash states. The AdderLink ALIP-GOLD will work even if the controlled devices are not operational.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD User Permissions / Access management

    User access management

    Easy on-screen-display driven set up and configuration provides a centralized, secure and intuitive user access management interface, where up to sixteen user profiles with defined access rights can be created. Each user station can be granted different access permissions on a per computer basis including View only, Shared, Exclusive or Private.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Digital Video Inputs - VGA, DVI, HDMI or DisplayPort

    Digital or Analog Video Inputs

    The use of DVI-I interfaces overcomes the limitations of analogue video and allows for greatly improved video update and pixel-perfect performance. However, where no digital feed is available the AdderLink IP Gold will auto sense and support an analogue input.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Access methods - web browser or RealVNC

    High performance video over VNC

    The ADDERLink IP Gold can be accessed by a standard web browser but for superior graphical performance, a Real VNC viewer should be used. Free of the limitations of HTTPS, Real VNC greatly enhances video performance.

  • Adder USB Cable

    USB Virtual media support

    To transfer files from remote users to controlled computers, the ADDERLink IP Gold has been engineered to act as a conduit through which data can be passed. Files can be transferred via IP onto the ALIP-GOLD and onto the target computer by means of a USB virtual media port.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Audio-Via-IP


    The AdderLink IP Gold enables CD quality audio signals to be fed from the target computer to the remote user via IP. Essential for administration tools and applications where sound or audible alarms are used.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Power control through RS232 serial interface

    Power control through RS232 serial interface

    The ADDERLink IP Gold has an RS232 port to allow communication to devices like power switches, allowing remote rebooting of the target computer.

  • Adder DDX30 Dual-AC redundant power

    Redundant power

    For mission critical applications, ALIP-GOLD supports dual power inlets (Dual-AC). If one source fails, the DDX30 will switch sources to the other power supply, so as not to interrupt normal use of the connected servers.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD - Make any KVM switch remotely accessible!

    Make any KVM switch remotely accessible!

    Adder ALIP-GOLD an be used as a front end for almost any Adder or third-party KVM switch. This allows access to your KVM switch remotely over IP - essentially making any standard KVM switch device a KVM-Over-IP switch.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Multi-point KVM / AV matrix

    Multi-point KVM / AV matrix

    Four extended remote users can simultaneous access each ALIP-GOLD unit. With 16 definable seperate user profiles, multiple ALIP-GOLD units can be used to create an extensive IP-based KVM switching matrix using only individual access points.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Enterprise-grade security (AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 public key authentication)

    Enterprise-grade security

    Adder ALIP-GOLD units have built-in security measures compliant with universal enterprise grade security standards, inlcuding AES 256 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication, further enhanced by the use of Real VNC that allows for the creation of ciphered user communications.

  • Adder ALIP-GOLD Multi-platform support

    Multi-platform support

    Adder ALIP-GOLD supports all known software and computer platforms with PS/2, USB and Sun keyboard and mouse interfaces, including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, NetWare, etc.

  • Adder RMK-ALIP-DUAL - 2 ALIP-GOLD mounted in 1U 19in rack mount kit

    1U Rackmount options

    One or two ALIP-GOLD units can be rack mounted in 1U of rack space. Rackmount kits sold are separately - part #'s: RMK-ALIP and RMK-ALIP-DUAL.

ALIP-GOLD-US Package Contents

Adder ALIP-GOLD-US Package Contents

  • (1) ALIP-GOLD IP KVM Gateway
  • (1) VSCD1 6ft single-link DVI-D Video cable
  • (1) VSC22 6ft Audio cable, 3.5mm jacks
  • (2) VSC24 6ft USB A-to-B cable
  • (1) Power adapter + US plug
  • (1) CD-ROM
  • (4) Self-adhesive rubber feet
  • (1) 2-Year Limited Warranty & Lifetime World Class Support

ALIP-GOLD Resources

Adder ALIP-GOLD Manual Screenshot Adder ALIP-GOLD Datasheet (PDF)
Adder ALIP-GOLD Manual (PDF)

Adder KVM & IP Control (PDF)

Adder ALIP-GOLD-US Specifications

Height 1.76 in. (44 mm.)
Width 7.92 in. (198 mm.)
Depth4.8 in. (120 mm.)
Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C / 32°F to 104°F
Power Supply100 240 VAC 47/63Hz
Video ModesSupport standard PC, Sun and Mac video modes up to resolutions of 1600 x 1280 with scalable viewer
Hardware CompatibilitySupports PC, RS/6000, Alpha and SGI computers using PS/2 or USB, Apple USB or Sun USB & 8-pin styles (8-pin style when using the appropriate CCSUN interface cables). Compatible with most KVM switches
O/S compatibilityAll known software and operating systems including Windows (all), DOS, Linux, Unix, BSD, Sun OS, Solaris, Mac OS, Netware etc.
AdderLink IP to KVM/computer connection  
Keyboard/MouseMiniDin6 or USB type B
Local console  
Keyboard/MouseMiniDin6 or USB type A
EthernetRJ45 10/100 auto sensing
Serial2 x DB9 (power control and modem)
Virtual mediaUSB type B
ApprovalsCE, FCC

AdderLink IP Gold is also known as ALIP-GOLD, and ALIP-GOLD-US.

Question: Can the remote unit be booted with software through the USB port ?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, we do not believe you can boot the remote computer with the ALIP Golds "Virtual Media" port. We are waiting on confirmation and will update this post if we find differently.