Avocent AutoView 2x16 Cat-5 KVM Switch


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The Avocent AutoView AV2015-001 is a 16-port multi-user KVM switch which provides user support for USB and/or PS/2 keyboards and mice. This KVM switch also provides support for USB, PS/2, Sun, and serial target devices. Built for SMB server room environments, the AutoView 2015 switch all-in-one solution provide the convenience of a high-quality, On-Screen Display (OSD). The Avocent AV2015 switch includes two unique cabling options. Integrated access cables provide PS/2 and USB support and are available in lengths of 7, 10 and 15 feet. The server interface module, with Sun and serial support, covers a range of 100 feet between the target device and the switch. Both cabling options automatically assign and retain unique server names for each attached server, which simplifies installation and eases re-configuration.

Avocent AutoView 16-Port KVM Switch Backside
Avocent AutoView 16-Port KVM Switch Backside

Avocent AV2015-001 Features & Benefits:

  • Dual-user, 16-port KVM switch
  • Unique cable designs
  • Powerful user access control: Allows an administrator complete control over the KVM switch setting and allows granting KVM access to only certain users.
  • Sun keyboard localization: Supports international markets
  • Sun keyboard translation: Supports international markets
  • OSCAR graphical user interface -Multilingual OSD
  • Integrates with Avocent AutoView 3100 and 3200 KVM switches
  • Operating System (OS) independent: Ensures connection to the attached servers regardless of the health or type of OS

Avocent AutoView AV2015 KVM Switch Diagram
Avocent AutoView AV2015 KVM Switch Diagram

Avocent AV2015-001 Specifications:

Height 1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
Width 17.00 in. (43.18 cm)
Depth 11.00 in. (27.94 cm)
Weight 8 lb. ( 3.6 kg) without cables
Operating Temperature 50 to 122 F (10 to 50 C)
Storage Temperature -4 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)
Operating Voltage 100 to 240 VAC Autosensing
Power Frequency 50/60 HZ
Input 40 W maximum
Supported Hardware  
Computers USB, PS/2, Sun and serial
Monitor VGA, SVGA (XGA, XGA-II with adaptor), 1600 x 1280 @ 75 Hz resolution
Peripherals USB and/or PS/2 keyboards and mice, Microsoftš Explorer mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse family, IBM Scrollpoint, Logitech Mouseman Wheel, Logitech Trackman Marble Wheel, Logitech Marble FX and Kensington 4-button mouse, Microsoft PS/2 tilt wheel mouse
Approved Agency UL FCC Class A, cUL, ICES Class A, CE, N, GS, IRAM, GOST, VCCI, Class A, MIC Class A, C-Tick
Question: Hello, will this KVM switch support wireless keyboard and mice, if plugged into the back of the switch, for the use of the analog users?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Very few KVM switches on the market explicitly sate support for wireless devices. It's pretty hit or miss, dependent on application and environment. Typically, however, we have seen the best results for customers attempting to use wireless devices with high quality KVM devices, such as this particular Avocent KVM.

The manufacturer has indicated the AV2015-001 should work with wireless keyboards and mice, as long as they use separate receivers for each device. Having said that, due to complexity of user environments, we could not 100% guarantee compatibility; and would always suggest using basic, wired peripherals for best performance.

Question: Is it possible to cascade from one KVM to another KVM?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, it is possible to cascade up to 16 AutoView switches together to bea ble to access up to 256 servers.