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Controllable Powered Speaker


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The KADS-2 is an active speaker with multi-channel, digital audio, control and power provided over a single cable. Used in conjunction with the KADS-100 controller, up to ninety-nine KADS-2 speakers can be connected in tree and branch configurations. The KADS-2 has two outputs that can be connected to either a KADS-1 or a KADS-2 up to 30m away with a total of sixteen speakers, eight per chain. The KADS-2 also has a power input for extending a chain beyond 30m for a further eight speakers in the chain.

Features & Benefits

  • High-Resolution Audio Support.
  • Highly Flexible Layout Options - Up to 99 speakers (8 per branch). Additional branches/speakers require an optional power supply for each 8 speakers.
  • Control - Via the KADS-100 controller.
  • Speaker ID - Set unique ID on each speaker for control from KAD-100 Controller.
  • Built-in 25 Watt Power Amplifier. - Power via KADS-100 controller for 8 speakers.
  • USB - For firmware upgrades.
  • Range - 30m (100') between speakers with a 240m (800') total system range without additional power supplies.

Product Use Diagram

Product Specifications

Inputs1 TP on a 2-pin large terminal block
Output1 TP on a 2-pin Molex connector
Ports1 bidirectional RS-232 serial port on a 3-pin terminal block
Power Output25W
Audio Bandwidth0 to 20kHz @-3dB
S/N Ratio84dB unweighted
Total GainAnalog/analog: 0dB; Analog/SPDIF: -12dBFS
RS-232 Baud Rate115200bps; Full-duplex
Power Consumption24V DC; 1.5A
Transmission Distance8 speakers each up to 30m (100ft) apart
Operating Temperature0° to +40°C (32° to 104°F)
Storage Temperature-40° to +70°C (-40° to 158°F)
Product Dimensions W, D, H7.2" x 6.65" x 9.61" (18.3cm x 16.9cm x 24.4cm)
Product Weight5.1 lbs (3.7kg)